“The Aurin Cluster™” Roleplaying Campaign

This Obsidian Portal site exists to support a Traveller science fiction roleplaying campaign run via roll20.net, also using Discord, and Theater of the Mind.

To run the game, the Referee will be using the Traveller 2nd Edition Rules, by Mongoose Publishing, Inc.

The Setting

The Aurin Cluster is a Sector of Known Space, set in the Far Future of the year 5440, hundreds of light-years from Earth.

The Terran Empire has collapsed, over two millenia ago, and now a new polity calling itself the Orion Republic is building itself from the ruins of lost worlds in the Aurin Cluster Sector of space on the Galactic Rim.

The Crew

Player characters will be officers and crew, including a small detachment of space marines serving aboard a Patrol Corvette, the “Northern Pryor”.

Play Style

Shady deals on dirtball mining worlds in far-flung cantinas packed with exotic space aliens are the order of the day, as well as exploration by contract, and other paramilitary missions. It all depends on the contract.

About Traveller Characters

Traveller characters don’t start as young adventurers with a longsword and a few coins, but as skilled individuals. Character generation builds your character’s skills and experiences from 18 to (usually) 42, in 4 year chunks called “Terms”. Characters will begin with varying amounts of experience, interstellar credits, and power, like the cast of a television show.

About Traveller

This game will use the Mongoose 2nd edition Traveller® rules, a skill-based system where you slowly improve your character’s skills over time, not level-based like most fantasy roleplaying games. Characters will not age much over the course of play, which will be a few years of in-game time.

Narrative Style Play

This is a narrative game, with quick and easy skill mechanics based on 2d6. This is one of the sleekest and most beautiful role-playing games ever written and is a literal blast to play, with significant amounts of player agency, engaging your imagination with a pure storytelling narrative.

Combat is Deadly in Traveller

Traveller personal combat is fast and fairly simple, but generally to be avoided unless you are in cover and ambushing the enemy. The average character can take one or two shots with a medium-caliber weapon before they are seriously wounded or killed. But characters that are not killed outright can take advantage of high technology: fast tissue growth, cloned organs, or cybernetic replacement.

This will be a teaching game for players new to Traveller® role-playing. Veteran players of the Mongoose edition, and older, classic editions, are of course welcome to play.

About the Referee

DM_Shroud has been a Referee of this game since 1977 and has created a detailed setting, complete with hundreds of worlds of adventure.

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The Aurin Cluster